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Happiness through Hypnosis When we look to make lasting change in our lives, look no further than the most resourceful place to find change: within ourselves. It is the most obvious and easiest place to start, but in our day and age, big pharma is sure to offer you a magic pill. But everyone knows that drugs sometimes work for some people and almost always produces side effects. So what are people trying? Many pleasantly surprised individuals found the courage to overcome the negative stereotypes associated with hypnosis to find a lasting cure for their problems.
Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you discover and utilize all your resources to make lasting, profound improvements in your life. You can discover the power of suggestion to the open door to better health, well-being and opportunities. With hypnosis and hypnotherapy, a sense of control and calm can be felt as early as the first session.
Below is a list of issues for which hypnotherapy has been shown to be effective: habit change, weight loss and general self-improvement, etc.
Stop Smoking with Hypnosis
Anyone who's tried to quit smoking on their own knows that it's not easy. But do you know why it's so challenging? It is because smoking is a habit that is reinforced for many years. It's something you do that is associated with so many facets of your life as soon as you get up in the morning until you go bed. The secret to breaking the habit lies in learning how to 'trick' your hardwires (your brain circuit). We'll do just that for you in one session and you wake up feeling like a new person. Click the pink link above!
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Hypnosis for Weight Loss
Are you focused too much on why you can't lose weight? Do you it as a pointless 'exercise'? Is it because you have been in a pattern of losing and gaining weight over and over again? North Americians are the 'fattest' in the world. There are four times as overweight people as there are hungry people in the world! We are socialized to eat because we have food, not because we need it.
What if you lose 30 lbs this year? What if you overate and got up in the morning and didn't feel guilty? and still felt great? What if you didn't have a problem looking in the mirror? Losing weight with hypnosis corrects some of those incorrect assumptions about food. Hypnotherapy also reduces and minimizes cravings for sweets, fats, and reduces your desire for overeating (portion control) and gives you back control over food. Click the pink link above!
Quit Nail Biting or Picking with Hypnosis
Nail biting is a common and embarassing habit. Hypnosis has been used successfully to stop nail biting. Most people don't even know that they're biting their nails because it's become some 'unconscious'. This is exactly why hypnosis must be used to access the unconscious mind to make the change. Click the pink link above!
Overcome Irrational Fears and Phobias
The list of fears and phobias can be scary: flying, death, taxes, spiders, germs, bugs, darkness, snakes, flying, writing tests, swimming, public speaking, etc...If you are planning your life around your fears, then the fears are out of control and your quality of life is suffering. Worries, anxieties and panic attacks might not even be related to a particular thing but can be very debilitating and stressful. Would you like to find out how to claim control again? Click the pink link above!

The type of problems hypnosis & hypnotherapy can address is not limited the above issues. As a matter fact, as long as the problem is not in nature, hypnosis and hypnotherapy is likely to help you.
Everyone has already experienced hypnosis and not even know it. According to Grinder and Bandler: "you already know a great deal about hypnosis under other names, or under no name at all". Hypnosis is quite a common trance state that we all zip in and out of every 90 minutes or so. Anyone who's day-dreamed or been in a TV-trance or an elevator trance has been in hypnosis.
Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be experienced by anyone who can understand the spoken language and can follow instructions. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy has helped children as young as three years of age overcome common childhood problems. Young or old, hypnosis can be utilized by all people to better themselves.
At The New You Hypnotherapy, we are experts in hypnosis. We use the latest knowledge and research on hypnotherapeutic techniques to promote lasting change. We respect your privacy and confidentiality and endeavour to provide the highest standard of professional service. Hypnotherapy is an adjunct modality that uses hypnosis and can be applied in conjunction with traditional treatment models.
MiltonErikson.jpg The use of hypnosis has spanned across thousands of years but the recognition of hypnosis as a medical adjunct was brought to light by Anton Mesmer. Read our blog entry about this interesting piece of history on hypnosis.
Since the time hypnosis was 'discovered' there have been many advances made in the techniques and applications of hypnotherapy. A highly influential psychiatrist, Dr. Milton Erickson (1901 - 1980), considered to be the father of modern-day hypnosis, believed that all his patients had the full resources to create their own solutions. Over the course of his sixty-year practice he helped over 30,000 patients discover their own cures through hypnosis.

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